Policy Statement


a. To celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8th;

b. To organize the Oxford Women’s International Festival annually during March;

c. To celebrate women’s creativity and achievements in dance, theatre, music, film, literature, sport, and science by organizing performances, exhibitions, workshops, talks and social events;

d. To highlight women’s local, national and international issues and to support women and organizations who are campaigning for equal rights and opportunities.


a. Is open to all individual women, women’s groups and organizations in and around Oxford who wish to participate in the Festival.


a. Are held approximately eight times a year to plan the programme of events for the coming year. Members receive notification of each meeting two weeks beforehand;

b. Elections for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are held annually in September;

c. Decisions are made by all members present voting;

d. The quorum is four committee members including the Secretary and Treasurer.


The International Women’s Festival includes women from all races, backgrounds and interest groups. It is committed to working with women’s groups and individual women of all ages, races, cultural and economic backgrounds in and around Oxford. The Committee actively encourages participation from women from Asian, African-Caribbean and travelling backgrounds, transwomen and those who are non-binary/gender queer as well as women who are physically challenged. The Festival’s aims are to highlight women’s local, national and international issues, to support women who are campaigning for equal rights and opportunities and to celebrate women’s achievements.

Debbie Hollingsworth (Chair & Coordinator)