Our History


You can read more about the origins of the festival here.

2014 saw the 25th Anniversary of the Oxford International Womens Festival, and as part of the celebrations we created an archive of events from past festivals, for people to enjoy again.

Please click on the link for each year to view the programmes and content:

OIWF 2016: Women, Austerity, Creativity, Challenge & Transgression

OIWF 2015: Women Crossing Borders

OIWF 2014: Changes for Women, Women Making Changes

OIWF 2013: Stepping Forward, Looking Back

OIWF 2012

OIWF 2011: Women and Wellbeing

OIWF 2010: Grassroots and Glass Ceilings

OIWF 2009: Inspirational and Pioneering Women

OIWF 2008: Women’s Journeys

OIWF 2007: All Our Futures: Women and the Environment

OIWF 2006: Women’s Voices: A Celebration

OIWF 2005: Fabric of Society

OIWF 2004: Feast or Famine

OIWF 2003

OIWF 2002

OIWF 2001

OIWF 2000

OIWF 1999

OIWF 1998

OIWF 1997

OIWF 1996

OIWF 1995

OIWF 1994

OIWF 1993

OIWF 1992

OIWF 1991

OIWF 1990