OIWF 1993

Main Event:

  • International Women’s Day Party: featuring Vanete Almeide, a trade unionist from Brazil, Aida Seif El Dawla, a doctor from Cairio, Mariam Dem, Oxford women’s Project Officer in Senegal, Mmatshilo Motsei, a nurse working in a clinic with battered women in South Africa, Viji Srinivasan-Patna, member of Adithi in Delhi, Josefa Francisco, Lecturer from the Philippines and Carola Carvajal, who works with women and organisations in rural Mexico.

Highlights included:

  • Launch of African-Carribbean Assoc. Black Women’s Group
  • Her story: “Things change, don’t they” (Cherwell School)
  • OUSU Women’s Cabaret
  • Women Go Wild: Alternative Music & Poetry
  • Saree Fair
  • Women’s Festival Bop
  • Women’s World Day of Prayer